Why not 12MP body in m/43 ?

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Re: Only with a multi-aspect sensor.

cosmicnode wrote:

Paul De Bra wrote:

I can live with 12MP images. But... I want those also when I use 3:2 aspect ratio, and currently with my 16MP sensor I get about 12MP in 3:2. As different people want different image shapes it makes sense to use a slightly larger, or may even square sensor that can give you the same number of pixels in every aspect ratio, from 1:1 through 4:3, 3:2 to 16:9... I do like 3:4 for portrait orientation (2:3 is a bit narrow) but I do not like 4:3 much for landscape orientation.

However when you shoot in a different format in the camera it's only the image in the viewfinder/LCD that is that format, the image saved is 4/3 when viewed in workspace you still have the option to use the 4/3 image.

Not true with a multiaspect sensor. For example: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/37201553

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