Anybody using the R5 Clarity adjustment?

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Re: Actual burst length with my JPG settings

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I don't do any in camera settings because it can low it down.

When recording RAW + large fine JPG to the CFExpress card with the settings I listed and H+ 12fps I get 133 shots before the camera slows. The manual lists 160 shots as the theoretical maximum.

With recording separately RAW to CFExpress and large fine JPG to SD UHS II with the settings I listed and drive mode set to H+12fps, I get 92 shots before the camera slows.

Recording large fine JPG's only with my settings to the SD UHS II I got 354 shots at H+ 12fps before the camera slowed. The Manual says to expect 190 shots in the burst of large fine JPG's to a SD card. I suppose the Manual was referring to SD UHS I performance.

I don't see the problem of the processor being slowed down with my JPG settings. So I won't worry about it versus the clear advantage of the comprehensive in camera JPG processing.

Canon has put a magnificent processor in the R5.

I can hardly wait to get mine. Should be within 10 days. Good info however I don’t use DPP so it doesn’t really matter. If I did I’d probably still do it all in DPP but that is just me.

I always use DPP to cull before importing to LR. I noticed that even if NR is turned off in camera DPP applies it.


What part? I don't use DPP to edit so applying in camera settings like Clarity does not matter as LR won't recognize them.

I do use DPP to pre-edit or cull. Whatever you want to call it. I use Quick Check - Full Screen. The reason is DPP's downsizing algorithm for 'fit to screen' display is very good and contrasty which creates the illusion of sharpness. Here I delete unwanted and unusable files. When done then I import into LR.

I have in Camera NR (high ISO and long exposure) set to off. When I open a file in DPP basic NR is applied because I set up that way in the preferences. I could shut it off in the preferences but it wouldn't matter because basic NR is applied automatically, in the RAW Data and we can't control that. Unless I'm missing something we can't shut NR off completely in the camera.

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