Does LA-EA5 offer PDAF Autofocus to legacy Minolta and 3rd Party A Mount Lenses?

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Re: Does LA-EA5 offer PDAF Autofocus to legacy Minolta and 3rd Party A Mount Lenses?

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The A99II also lacks 5-axis with the same lens(es). You find the same note when looking up the same lenses for the A99II.

  • Shake compensation is available with 3-axis(Pitch/Yaw/Roll) by SteadyShot INSIDE.

The range limiter works with an encoder on the internal AF motor, but Sony doesn't claim to use it to provide 5-axis support. Sony doesn't point out if other A-mount bodies are similarly limited. The older SteadyShot INSIDE system could certainly support 4-axis stabilization with distance information and Konica-Minolta marketing implied it did.

So you are implying (or stating) that the difference between 3 axis and 5 axis lies in the extra contacts and the focus distance that they feed back to the body? That certainly makes sense of the differences I could see in the compatibility info for my older lenses.

Yes, in order to stabilize x- and y-axis camera movement the camera has to calculate subject magnification. At 1:1 magnification the camera has to move the sensor at the same speed in the opposite direction of the camera's motion. At lower magnifications the motion needs to be reduced proportionally. X- and y-axis camera movement does not affect subjects at infinity.

Sony cameras also only store magnification in EXIF metadata when a D lens is used.

I found some third-party 8-pin lenses don't work correctly even if they claimed otherwise. Minolta D lenses seem to be fine.

I believe 5 axis stabilization is only available on E mount bodies when (E?)  lenses with inbuilt stabilization are used!  Otherwise, it's 3 axis only.

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