D7200 VS D7500 - Which has best sensor?

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Re: D7200 VS D7500 - Which has best sensor?

Frank Nichols wrote:

From what I have seen the D7200 vs D7500 refurb price is very close within a hundred at most. So, no real difference in cost.

The refurb price for a D7200 is nuts.  I don't believe the retailers have adjusted the price since they got the camera.  It's hard to believe that they are selling any D7200 refurbs these days.

The going price for a used D7200 (Craigslist sale) in Vancouver is about $550 Canadian in excellent condition at under 8,000 actuations.  I purchased mine for $530 Canadian (or a little under $400 USD).  I couldn't even find a used D7500 locally so I would be buying new as the refurb Nikon market in Canada is basically just grey market stuff if you are lucky.

Most the differences people mention with the D7500, are things MOST people have never actually used - like dual slots.
Functionally it comes down to what you are going to do with the camera - low light, D7500, BIF, D7500 (better AF). Other than those there is no real difference between the two camera.

Like I said before, each to their own in terms of what people use in terms of features and the value they assign to those features.

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