Speed Booster Sigma 150-600mm

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Re: Speed Booster Sigma 150-600mm

The 5Ds and 80D have almost the same pixel pitch. You can just about fit the 80D sensor inside the 5Ds 1.6x center.

So you're saying that 1.6x crop in the 5Ds absorbs less light than the pixels outside of the 1.6x crop? And then, if you crop the 5Ds in post to 20mp, that's suddenly a different aperture?

FF shooters really obsess about doing these odd conversions. You don't see medium format shooters going around telling FF shooter that their f/2.8 lenses are a smaller aperture.

Aperture is a physical ratio. You can say FOV, DoF, and light gathering is different, but the aperture is the same.

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