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Re: Topazlabs upgrade lies

I wrote Topaz company and told her what I thought about their lies from the very beginning. We as a consumer have every right to. They lied to us. Said no more upgrades. You have to pay every single year. I would rather pay Photoshop and get a whole lot more for my money and they run upgrades several times during the year. I have an awesome mask program that is free where I don't need Topaz Mask. I recommended their company to give us ole timers who purchased their products when they lied to either refund us for the older Topaz apps or grandfather all of us in for free upgrades. I told them this in my second email. But anyway here is her answer to my first email. Nothing but lame excuses like all CEOs and companies do.

Hi Melissa,

I appreciate your frustration. If you're willing to take a look, I would like to use some of the CEO, Eric Yang's, words directly to explain this change. The full article can be accessed here: Announcement: Ongoing Product Value and Paid Upgrades

"Every company says that they value their customers. When we started Topaz Labs many years ago, we tried hard to figure out ways to show this through actions instead of just words. One of the ways we did this was by offering free major upgrades for all of our products. Conceptually, this felt really good to us; we loved the idea of acting differently than faceless corporations by giving ongoing value for free instead of charging for every little thing.

Within the last few years, though, we started to realize something. Product development and research is expensive! It turns out that if we can only earn money by releasing new products, there’s a very powerful internal incentive to only do that. Despite our best intentions, we found that we weren’t focusing as much as we wanted on improving our existing products. We ended up with several different products that did similar things, which caused confusion about which tool to use. Although it started out with good intentions, our free upgrade policy ultimately prevented us from delivering the best possible products to you.

Make no mistake about it: this situation was 100% our fault. We were not thoughtful enough about aligning our pricing structure with continuous improvement of our products. Since realizing this, we took some major steps to improve in 2019:

  1. Consolidated all of our offerings into a single product per category (noise reduction, sharpening, effect creation, etc.)
  2. Massively shifted our internal goals to prioritize improving existing products over releasing new ones
  3. Stopped advertising free upgrades as a policy

Despite not advertising it anymore, in 2019 alone we were proud to give away over $8M worth of claimed free upgrades to major new products like DeNoise 6 => DeNoise AI, InFocus => Sharpen AI, Adjust 6 => Adjust AI, and Studio 2. We’ve already seen a major improvement in the usefulness and experience of our products, and we’re excited to continue down this path in 2020 and beyond."

I will work to do what I can within my power to help with this transition. Please feel free to use the coupon code loyal25 to use at checkout for 25% off of any future purchases, including the Photo Upgrade Plans.

Is there anything else I can do at this time? Please feel free to reach out at any point. Thank you,

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