Meike MD-D18 died?

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Re: Meike MD-D18 died?

Sorry, y'all. I keep forgetting this forum doesn't send me email unless I remember to check the box...

I haven't done any firmware updates since the update to C 1.11 and LD 2.016, which was quite a while ago. It's been working fine since long after the firmware update.

Thanks for the replies. I didn't take the old Meike grip apart 'cause they sent me a replacement...

New Meike grip arrived today. Put it on the D850. The DISPLAY is STILL the same, but the GRIP is operational. With or without a battery in the grip, all the buttons work. So, things WORK.

UNFORTUNATELY, there's no battery information for the MB-D18, and I can no longer get 9 fps with the grip. For whatever reason, the camera no longer sees ANY of the batteries in the MB-D18 as something that should provide 9 fps.

I've tried 2 Wasabi batteries and the DSGE, all of which have always worked perfectly. I had to give the Nikon battery back so I don't have that one to try.

SO, for whatever reason, things SORT-OF work. Everything except the 9fps and battery information in the camera.

Does anybody think doing a factory reset may do anything? I'll have to put about 8 millions settings back into the system, but if it'll get things going 9fps with the batteries that have worked in the past I'll give it a try!

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