Why should I choose EOS-M?

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Re: Why should I choose EOS-M?

iPhone just as good as M5?

I happened to notice recently that my iPhone 11 Pro takes decent pictures.  In terms of resolution I had to really zoom in to notice the subtle differences between it and my pics from the M5.  I took some pictures of the same subject and compared the two and to be honest, I see the differences but I want to be blown away by the differences, if that makes sense.  I was not blown away and when I showed others they gave praise to the iPhone for almost matching the M5?

Those are words you do not want to hear to justify further investments in my camera.

I feel the quality differences are only 5-10% apart.

I have no idea if the M6 helps separate image quality from my iPhone.  I have a lot invested so I do not see myself starting over until I know if we are at the end of the line with the M system or a better "EOS-M" camera is coming out that can deliver better image quality over the iPhone.

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