Worst experience with B&H Customer service

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Worst experience with B&H Customer service

I ordered Nikon Z6 Bundle from B&H on September 10th and as per their site, it is supposed to be an expedited shipping which means the product is expected to arrive by at-least 3 to 4 days. The Shipment details were shared to me on Sep 11 and the initial expected delivery date was Sept 15th. All good so far. Once FedEx picked my order from B&H, the delivery date was rescheduled to Sept 17th and then back to Sept 16. Having had a very bad experience with FedEx before, I used FedEx Deliver manager app to Hold my parcel in a nearby FedEx office so that I don't take chances for delay like not able to enter the community, delivery attempt failed etc and I can safely pick up at the FedEx office by showing my ID. The parcel arrived at the Local Warehouse in Austell GA, and again the delivery dates were getting changed couple of times. The last SMS I got from FedEx was scheduled for Delivery on 15th but FedEx tracking says it is on 16th. Fed Ex customer care also was not able to answer the discrepancy between the SMS and the Tracking details.

I called B&H and told there is something wrong with the package and I already had a very bad experience with B&H and Fedex where the package was not trackable and I was sent a new shipment. After a long discussion and escalation, the deal offered to me was If the package doesn't arrive by sept 15th, I will call B&H on Sept 16th and they will do a new shipment overnight and deliver it to me on Sep 17th.

As per my expectation, nothing got delivered on 15th. On 16th when I checked the status of my package, the parcel has left the warehouse. the FedEx customer care had no clue where it is destined. They told they will trace the package and call me back and till now I have not got a call.

I called B&H on 16th and as per the previous days notes, I was told they will ship it overnight and get it delivered to me on sept 17. Till evening I did not get any update regarding shipping and I called B&H again. I was told they had spoken to FedEx and trying to track the package and hence the replacement shipment is not happening. When I asked what happened to the promise/deal which was made yesterday - the answer I got was "There is nothing called a promise, it was not made by me and I can't answer for it. The best we can do is ship it on thursday and deliver it by Saturday". I thought at-least this will be a commitment from B&H. Order was created but no shipment was shared with me and B&H was on holiday for 3 days and again I did not get my parcel. As all these is happening, the shipment is in transit to Nashville, TN - to a different state and travelled back to Georgia again. As per B&H, the standard response is due to COVID thete is delay in the delivery. I can understand that but when a parcel to go to Nashville and come back to Georgia, why it can be delivered to the address which is few tenth's of miles away from the warehouse, that to FedEx accepted to hold the shipment in a local FedEx office.,

I called B&H on Sep 21 and the customer care agent was sorry we are sorry and it will ship today. I told I am not interested in Sorry and I need a valid answer for the delays and commitments you pro-missed me. Again the representative went like "We did not promise and I did not commit you anything to you and it was a different representative" I asked to escalate the call to manage and when I posed the question to him- The manager responded - "No body in the customer service have the rights to promise any time line to the customer and he himself cannot take responsibility for whatever the customer service representatives talked to me" - I can't believe somebody can talk like this.

The highlight of all - I asked the manager what if it doesn't ship today and he responded saying - "If it doesn't ship today, it doesn't. It might happen tomorrow or whenever it happens"

I don't have a single reason  why I have to pay my money to someone and wait for 11 days and still there is no clarity on when they can deliver my product. I have never seen such an arrogant customer care so far. I think they need to understand how the customer service works, what does commitment means, train the customer service representatives to understand what to promise and not to promise and stand by their own words.

I wish nobody goes through such things even if it is a 10 dollar product. Better avoid B&H would be my suggestion - just for their arrogant and incompetent customer service

The below image /award doesn't make any sense to me if anybody treats customer like me.

This image or award ??????

FedEx tracking details

Nikon Z6
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