How sensitive are 43rd sensors?

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Re: How sensitive are 43rd sensors?

Grimstod wrote:

Shot noise on the other hand goes down as sensor size goes up, because a larger sensor can collect more total light.

Because you didn't get these two concepts right when you wrote your post, I stopped reading after the first sentence.

That larger sensor only collect more light if you make the focal length an iras opening of the lens larger. So that becomes more of an optics debate.

You last statement is. alogical fancy often called a Hasty Generalization

Or it could be called being passive aggressive
“I stopped reading after the first sentence”

Apparently not only you were wrong, he felt the need to show you how dismissive he is towards you because of it.

I find being passive aggressive and dismissive with people really helps everyone involved.

By the way that is an impressive photograph! I THINK that is why most people are here on this forum.

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