Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

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Re: Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

DaveyB wrote:

Is no one on here surprised at how well both cameras did in comparison with the much vaunted Sonys ? From following the past threads on here, I’d come away with the impression that both Z50 and Z6 were both poor choices for BIF, hence asking for the test and comparison.

I'm surprised.  I have no experience with Sony, but I am quite frustrated by the poor AF of my Z7 on BIF, usually with the 500PF.  A big part of my experience compared to the video is (1) my competence and (2) the subject bird and lighting.  Worst case for me is cormorants (black and often just horizontal features) and birds that are just too far away against a busy background. I'm sure I'd do better with the Z7 on a nice, well lit, contrasty bird against sky or distant background. Meanwhile I'll just go back to the D500 and get the shot.


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