An argument for Apple Photos for your workflow

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An argument for Apple Photos for your workflow

I thought I'd share my workflow as I don't see a lot of people speaking up for Apple Photos. I was also hoping to get some feedback from others about how they use Apple Photos (AP). I pay for the $10 per month cloud plan from Apple and maintain 100% of my photos in AP. I have also paid for Affinity Photo and Luminar. I just moved to Fuji after selling my Olympus following their announcement of being sold. I used a similar workflow for the Oly files. My internal drive is a SSD while I have an external drive attached for "slow storage" as well as a network storage device (Time Capsule) that continually backs up the external drive. This ensures I have the Apple Photos (cloud and local) copy of an image, the external drive and the network backup drive.

  1. Copy photos from SD card to User->Pictures->Image Workspace folder
  2. Open Fujifilm X RAW Studio application and connect camera. Leave camera off for initial culling.
  3. Mark photos to keep with a single star
  4. Using filters, delete unstarred images
  5. Turn on camera and apply any photo simulations individually to each remaining image then convert to generate jpegs
  6. Move RAFs and any sidecar files to Images Processed on the external drive
  7. Batch process jpegs in Affinity Photo creating 77% jpeg ensuring you retain metadata writing the files to User->Pictures->Images Culled
  8. Import jpeg photos into Apple Photos then delete jpegs
  9. RAW files will retain the same name as the jpegs and can easily be found for further post processing in the future

Now using AP, I can review my jpegs which are essentially as good as the Fuji produced jpegs but only 2MB each.  If I decide I want to re-edit or starter, I have the RAWs to go back to.  Since we saved the sidecar files, we can have the original/edited version in RAW format and not have to start over.  Affinity Photo does a great job with Fuji files IMO.  I also believe AP does an amazing job with Fuji RAFs but as the are %)=MB each, they are just too large and would fill up my cloud and they are very slow to view on devices.  If you want, you can uncheck "Copy Items to the Photo Library" and have your RAFs in AP as Referenced Files.  This way you can have the portable lightweight jpeg as well as the RAF in AP.  Additionally, AP directly passes files over to Luminar and Affinity Photos for additional editing if you so choose.  Luminar is good at most but Affinity is great for removing unwanted objects much better than Luminar as well as Affinity Photo does the canvas stretching similar to LR.  This capability is available in Photos on iOS devices but not in Mac oddly enough.

In review, I paid $25 for Affinity Photo and $10/month for iCloud (which I would want even without photos).  Luminar came with Fuji and Apple Photos comes with Mac.  I was able to process 150 images in <10 minutes and keep my culling caught up.  Anyone else have arguments/hacks/etc for Apple Photos?  Thanks.

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