Pretty heated at Canon website, R5 said in stock

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Re: Pretty heated at Canon website, R5 said in stock

eyesofscars0311 wrote:

Also do not see any way to cancel my order accept waiting for 30 minutes on the phone. Bunch of hack jobs from the breach of security not too long ago, to the way they are managing their online order system, to the level of customer service.


my sympathies to those who are holding their hopes too high for R5 and its frustration! for me, i decided to get over it till july-august when i decide to get one. any and all bugs will be ironed out with new firmware and it would be safer to get a R5 by then. i just can't deal with this R5/R6 availability circus that is going on right now. until then, my 5dsr/1Dx will be my main pals.

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