Back into photography and would like some help with purchase - confused about certain things

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Back into photography and would like some help with purchase - confused about certain things

Hello everyone,

Sorry in advance if my post is long, i want to give you exact information so i don't waste your time in helping me, thanks in advance!

I have been out of the photography game for many years now, and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the new choices out there and would like some help narrowing down my choices. I've done some research and i have some questions\observations i'd like help with, and some recommendations if possible! My last DSLR was a Canon Rebel XTI!

I live in Canada and my budget is about 1000-1300$ CDN For body+lens - Ideally to find a kit that matches what i need so i don't go down the lens buying rabbit hole - i'd like to buy a couple lenses down the road but would like a good start with a kit or even if u suggest a body + seperate lens as long as it's within the budget.

I will probably have to buy a "new" camera and not a used one because i will be using a large VISA gift card that was gifted to me so i don't think i can use the gift card for used items to buy from a particular.. unless local stores sell used cameras, i don't know about that.

Shooting Scenes:
I will be mostly shooting Plants (indoor horticulture) & Street photography (walk around and shoot) & Landscape (nature) - the importance of scenarios are in order from most important to less important but these are the subjects i will be mainly shooting - I will be mostly shooting in RAW, minimal videos (video is not that important for me) - i will mention that i really like macro photography as well but i am well aware this is mostly the lens and not the body that plays a role so i won't ask for this in my scenarios.

I remember when i used to do photography, low light was always an issue -- i assume now with the super high ISO levels this must be better overall with today's cameras? I would also like something that gives sharp results, i know this is mostly on the lens quality but i'd like for the body to be able to dish out good results as well in low light \ image quality - not that i plan to shoot in low light all the time when we think about the scenes i mentionned but i remember having issues many times with NOT ENOUGH light in indoor subjects and pictures looking good previewed on the body, then coming out more blurry than i thought due to ISO not high enough \ low shutter speed..

Questions while looking at guides and comparing products:

x Why does the Canon 80D score higher than the 77D on (and the 80D is older than the 77D, i would think the newer product would be better but it seems it isn't the case), however the 77D is under dpreview's best under 1000$ cameras and not the 80D?

x Why do some cameras have a "gold award" like the Canon Rebel T7i vs the "silver award" on the Canon 77D? that is kind of confusing.

x Most of the Cameras recommended under 1000$ have the same sensor size and APS-C\CMOS type - Makes me wonder, is the Picture Quality the same for all of these cameras that hold the same sensors? what else is a contributing factor to picture quality?

x When i use the studio scene image comparision tool in dpreview, and compare the Canon 77D/80D and Nikon D5600/7500 - for some reason the D5600 looks the best at JPG\100ISO (better light and sharpness\detail)  .. that is confusing to me especially when the 77D is supposed to be the "better camera" under dpreview's guides

It seems that the best buy would be something along the Canon 77D/80D, Rebel SL3 or T7i or the Nikon D7500/D5600 -- i think the 7500 might be a tad bit over my budget but im being open to it if it's a much better choice.
Some might suggest mirrorless cameras, i have never used one and i have to admit i don't know much about these cameras.. From what i understand, mirrorless cameras are better for video which isn't something i'm looking for.
Thanks everyone!!

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