Sigma MC-11 with aps-c lenses?

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Re: Sigma MC-11 with aps-c lenses?

Merlin5 wrote:

Hi guys. I read a viewer's comment under a youtube video and he he said aps-c lenses don't work with the MC-11. Someone replied "it is compatible, there's a hack where you remove the inner collar (4 screws) and all aps-c lenses fit."

Those would be two good reasons not to bother with YT comments.

If I wanted to buy a wide angle Tamron aps-c lens with Canon EF fit + Sigma MC-11 EF-E adapter to mount onto a Sony aps-c camera, just wondering if I'd have to do that hack or if it's not true and that they are actually compatible without the hack? I've read that the MC-11 is compatible wth aps-c cameras but not found anything else about aps-c lens compatibility.

The Sigma MC-11 is compatible with Sigma A, S, and C series lenses. Exactly as said on the tin. (Just as said in the Sigma manual and other documentation).

It is not intended to be used with other brand lenses, even though it might work with some, on varying levels. Therefore doing some "hack" would make very little sense.

Sigma do not guarantee full functionality with other brand lenses, which would be quite a tall order to begin with. I don't know about Tamron lenses, but some other brand EF lenses and even some Canon EF full frame lenses work, some well, some partially.

As for compatibility with APS-C bodies, no problem. I'd stay clear of the Canon EF-S lenses, though, just in case. The adapter has no lens element inside it, so some EF-S lenses might fit just fine, but even if some particular lens won't fit physically, I see would not ruin, as in "hack" the adapter because of that. There's no shortage of different lenses out there.

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