Canon R5 - Initial impressions (fashion photography)

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Canon R5 - Initial impressions (fashion photography)

Received my R5 last week along side the 50mm 1.2 and was able to borrow a friends 28-70 f2 for my a look book shoot. Thought I would give my initial impressions of the camera and the little quirks that will take a little getting used to. Its worth noting I came from a Sony A7R III with the 50mm 1.4 and 24-70 2.8.

The shoot comprised of two elements. An indoor studio e-commerce shoot against a plain backdrop and an outdoor lifestyle shoot.

For the studio element I shot tethered to Capture One using flash. Straight away I noticed that with Canon on Capture One you cant save to both the hard drive and your internal SD card. This had me a little paranoid as I've had some Capture One sessions corrupt and lost all my images but was always able to rely on the SD card as back up. I know this isn't an R5 specific issue and more a Canon one. Thankfully my session had no problems.

The other only minor gripe I had was that with the Godox trigger and after a while your exposure goes back to the exposure simulation, which is usually a pitch black screen after about 10 seconds of the camera waiting. I know I can switch off exposure preview, but I liked that with the Sony trigger it would switch off automatically when the trigger was switched on. That being said, there may be an opportunity where knowing my background exposure might be beneficial. Especially in environmental shots.

For that portion of the shoot I shot the 28-70 f2.  And wow! What a beautiful lens! I've attached a shot. Unedited and straight out of camera.

For the outdoor shoot I shot entirely with the 50mm 1.2 Boy oh boy! What an amazing lens. Yes it weighs more than the camera body itself, but its nicely weighted on the R5. Again the camera performed fantastically and only one major gripe - the viewfinder/LCD brightness. Outdoors this thing is so dim. Even at the brightest setting. I was excited to show the client some previews because the LCD is so beautiful (compared to Sony, which was trash) but they struggled to really see all the great colours which was a shame. It also made me rely on the viewfinder more as I couldn't shoot with the LCD like I used to. Granted it was a ridiculously sunny day and we were shooting at mid afternoon. but I am slightly disappointed.

Oh! And one little feature I absolutely love is the ability to add a 4x5 crop line in camera, since I know my client would want to post to instagram and I am terrible for filling whatever frame I've given!

Again, i've attached a few shots. Unedited and straight out of camera.

So coming from Sony do I think the Canon is any better? The truth be told, no. I think at this point all the top tier cameras perform exceptionally. There are no better or worse cameras they are just different. But I chose Canon for pride of ownership. I always knew I'd comeback once Canon produced a 5D equivalent with eye-af and the R5 does not disappoint.

Now my next big dilemma is to decide if I want to buy the 28-70 f2 or 24-70 2.8....

Canon EOS R5 Sony a7R III
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