Any selling points of an R6 vs A7III?

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Re: Any selling points of an R6 vs A7III?

MinAZ wrote:

Disregarding lenses...

Are there any strong support for an A7III -> R6 upgrade, if it is that?

R6 is more expensive, less MP, but has a flip-out screen, slightly better IBIS, and some subjective benefits like colors, menus, ergonomics...

I actually think A7III has as good if not better AF to R6, but this is hard to measure (also, technically I tested a R5 - not gotten my hands on an R6 yet).

That pretty much seems like a wash, maybe a hair to the R6?

If gear and brand is important for you, you already have Canon DSLR lenses and think using an adapter is ok, and you like/trust Canon more than Sony, Canon is the brand for you.

If the en result, the pictures, is your main concern, both cameras will fill the needs of skilled photographers.

IBIS depends on lenses, also for Canon, and who care about default factory jpg settings color? For jpg shooters there are lots of in-camera profiles, and they can even be tweaked in-camera. For raw it is all about profiles. Ergonomics is how a camera handles when you are used with it, not something that instantly has the same feel as what you are used with. Dpreview says Canon now has complex menus, so it looks like they are on par with Sony here ... but you get used to the menus, no matter brand. With a properly set up Sony, you hardly has to revisit the menus.

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