How do you manage your storage?

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How do you manage your storage?

I would love to hear specifics on how others deal with storage and back up of large amounts of data (mostly photos and videos).

I have accumulated many terabytes of data over the years. I have 5 hard drives that are connected to my computer but the ones I use for photos are full. I bought a 2 disk NAS drive several years ago and quickly outgrew that (I should have better estimated how much space I’d need in the future, oops). I fairly recently bought an external 8TB drive to back everything up (again) and try and clean a lot of it up. Everything is also backed up onto Code42 Crashplan.

So now my problems is, how do I move forward? I would love to hear the input from others.

Where do you store your primary/original data? Internal, External?

Do you us a HD array? Which one? How Big?

How do you backup locally (to what device)? (assuming 3 copies, 2 local, 1 off site)

Do you use RAID? Which level?

Do you consider RAID (4,5,6) parity to be your local backup?

Really look forward to seeing your responses.

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