Vignetting with filters on 24-70mm f/2.8 and 14-30mm f/4?

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Re: Vignetting with filters on 24-70mm f/2.8 and 14-30mm f/4?

Tony_J wrote:

I am currently in the market for 82mm filters (in particular, from Breakthrough Photography), and part of my decision is how many filters can be stacked before there is vignetting. This will affect whether it's worth it to get a Dark CPL, for example, or if it's sufficient to just stack a regular CPL with an ND filter. And whether it's worth it to get a 10-stop ND filter, or if stacking 3 + 6 is enough.

In terms of the Z system, I plan to hold out for Nikon's next 60 MP release, but I am preemptively accumulating 82mm filters used on eBay for cheap so I don't have to buy them all at once at full price when I upgrade (my current filter set is 77mm). I'm not worried about the sunk cost as I will almost certainly require 82mm filters no matter what I upgrade to.

Can someone with either or both of those two Z lenses report on when filters start to cause vignetting on each? (And since they're zooms, does the focal length matter?)

Hi Tony !

I have a 14-30 f4 and 82mm filters. I have slim ND filters (8,64,1000) and polariser.

My english is limited so I will do as this :

14-30f4 at 14mm + ND filter = No vignetting

14-30f4 at 14mm + Polariser = No vignetting

14-30f4 at 14mm + ND filter + polariser = Important vignetting. Not usable.

14-30f4 at 14.5mm + ND filter + polariser = A very little of vignetting but you can correct with lightroom.

Here a RAW example of a stack of ND filter and Polariser at 14.5mm

A second example with just ND filter at 14mm so without polariser but rocks are shining.

I don't kept raw example of ND filter + Polariser stack at 14mm.. But it's not usable. Important vigneting. Even if my filters are slim :/

Slim ND filter are : Haida PRO II Digital MC 82mm
Polariser is : Marumi DHG circulaire 82mm

Hope I helped

Picture edited :

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