When traveling, do you use any kind of "tripod" device?

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When traveling, do you use any kind of "tripod" device?

When you're traveling, whether seeing family, traveling abroad, visiting nature's beauties...do you bring any kind of a tripod?

Historically, I've always used whatever was around me when taking a photo to help create a stable enough environment for longer exposures (using a wall, bracing on myself, etc).  I am thinking, however, about changing that and would love to hear what others on this forum do.

And please refer to the times that you do actually travel, not when you've been kept from journeying because of the dreaded Covid disease.

I don't bring any kind of tripod or gear to hold my camera. I use technique, ledges, the camera's stabilization system, or whatever else is available in the environment when I'm taking pictures.
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I bring something like an Ultrapod or Platypod that takes up virtually no room and can be used in different ways (whether stabilizing a shot or to get an unusual angle by strapping it to something).
9.3% 12  votes
I bring a mini tripod (up to a max height of 24" or thereabouts) to save on space but still provide additional photographic opportunities.
9.3% 12  votes
I bring a travel tripod that weighs less than 3-3.5 pounds and can be folded to fit within my luggage and can be extended to a height that is more than 40" tall.
26.4% 34  votes
I bring a full-sized tripod that weighs more than about 3.5-4 pounds. If I am going to lug around a tripod, I want to make sure it is stable enough to get whatever shots I want, regardless of the weather conditions.
17.8% 23  votes
I bring a combination of 2 or more of choices 2-5. Why limit myself to only 1 option? (Please specify in the comments what you do.)
4.7% 6  votes
Other (Please explain in the comments.)
8.5% 11  votes
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