Sigma MC-11 with aps-c lenses?

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Re: Sigma MC-11 with aps-c lenses?

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Hi guys. I read a viewer's comment under a youtube video and he he said aps-c lenses don't work with the MC-11. Someone replied "it is compatible, there's a hack where you remove the inner collar (4 screws) and all aps-c lenses fit."

If I wanted to buy a wide angle Tamron aps-c lens with Canon EF fit + Sigma MC-11 EF-E adapter to mount onto a Sony aps-c camera, just wondering if I'd have to do that hack or if it's not true and that they are actually compatible without the hack? I've read that the MC-11 is compatible wth aps-c cameras but not found anything else about aps-c lens compatibility.



The MC-11 will fit on Sony E (APSC) or FE (Full Frame). The mount is the same for both. On the front end either Sigma SA mount or Sigma EF mount Canon lenses, two different MC-11s either DC (APSC) or DG (Full Frame)Lenses. To ensure perfect focus the lenses should be Contemporary, Art or Sport.

Canon EF lenses can also be used with the EF compatible version, some of them autofocus very well and some not so well. Sigma guarantee only Sigma SA or EF mount to work.


Thanks for the reply Ceistinne. I've found out that the aps-c lens issue only applies to EF-S lens.

Is there a Sigma wide angle lens like a 10-20m with a sony e mount or a Sigma wide angle lens like a 10-20mm with an EF mount that can be used with the MC-11? And would either affect functionality of autofocus on a Sony aps-c camera? I'm guessing not as all I can find is Sigma 10-20mm Sony a mount and Canon EF-S fit.

Interesting question. I will try the 8-16 on a Sony E mount camera. My 17-50 worked on my Sony A7, using my Sigma SA mount to E mount adapter (MC-11). I don't know if the Canon mount version of that lens will work with the Canon to Sony mount MC-11 though. I'll be interested to find out. Maybe try asking the same question in one of these forums:

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