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Re: Upsizing with Lightroom, Photoshop & darktable

James Stirling wrote:

MHshooter wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

There was some interest and discussion of upsizing/uprezzing a raw photo on your computer as an alternative. Here is an example I did using 3 different programs. I uprezzed a raw file using Lightroom, Photoshop Preserve Details 2.0, and darktable:


Those are actually impressive, but I'd like to see it done with a resolution chart of some kind as well.

With apologies to Henry for not getting back to my own thread . Here is the Gigapixel attempt at part of a resolution test shot from imaging resource Z7 raw. 1/8th crop , output to 18x12" at 300ppi, full image below and downsized original image to show where the crop comes from

His use of programs to upsize appeared to increase resolution, which isn't really possible unless some kind of A.I. is at work.  Even if it appeared to show an increase in resolution, it would have to be verified by taking a normal shot (closer, with a better lens) that showed the same features the programs appeared to uncover.

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