Are the pins in the D800/e CF card slot all the same length?

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Re: Are the pins in the D800/e CF card slot all the same length?

romfordbluenose wrote:

Do you have a problem or are you just pin length ocd.

I am not sure if it is a problem with the CF slot or the CF card. The card was working until yesterday but today when I turned on the camera and showing CF card error. I only have one CF card so I don't have another one to try. I tried to format it in the camera and it said format complete but it still said error. I was just looking at the pins, none of them were bent or missing and also the pin holes on the CF card looks good but I noticed the different lengths of the pins in the slot. Finally, I found a photo online which matches the pin in the CF slot so I suspect the card maybe the problem. I don't have or use a CF reader, I just use the HDMI cable to transfer the files or copy the files to the SD card and take the SD card out. I guess need to order a n ew card and try it again.

Anyway, if anyone is curious, the attached photo is a CF connector and you can see the pins that I talked about that are different lengths on the connector. I suspect they are longer because they are like guide or index pins to line up the card when it is being inserted.

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