D7200 VS D7500 - Which has best sensor?

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Re: D7200 VS D7500 - Which has best sensor?

It really depends on what you want to shoot, how you want to shoot it, and how much post-processing you want to do if you want to limit the discussion to sensors...

IMHO, with a hung jury of opinions, your best bet would be to call it a draw on the sensor and move on to how you are going to use the camera and what features are advantageous to you and how much you are going to pay for those points.

I just went through the exercise that you are going through and I settled on the.... D7200 due to the following:

1. dual memory slots.  I got used to using two cards as a backup with my D7000 and D600 so when I went looking to replace my D7000, the D7200 got the nod.

2. Battery Grip.  While I haven't purchased a grip since my D200, I like the idea of it being possible especially since my coming D780 won't have one. D7200 grip possible while D7500 no.

3. Focusing abilities.  The D7500 smokes the D7200 in certain use cases but realistically, I rarely shoot in those use cases (probably because my D7000 and D600 don't do well in those cases).  But if you do, then the D7500 would be the one.  Of course, with my coming D780, I'll have those capabilities so...

4. Cost.  D7200s are widely available on the used market at very reasonable prices (only a few hundred more than what people are selling a D7000 for) while a D7500 isn't so you will be paying a premium for the D7500.

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