Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

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Re: Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

I had a handful of big canon FF cams. Then there was about two years that I realized I was leaving them behind cause of the bulk (weight never really bothered me....just bulk). I switched to the sony a6500 when it came out. I then switched it up for a6400 when it came out (for the far superior AF). I have it paired with a few aps-c primes and the sony 10-18. So 3-4 years now with sony APS-c.

Bullet point random thoughts...

- I will NEVER go back to a big bulky system. I have no prob taking the 6400 and a lens or two anywhere. Most of the time they can just get stuffed somewhere in a pack. Just did a 3 hour cruise around town on the bike. Took the 6400 and 10-18 hanging around my neck/shoulder. Never knew it was there. I actually only snapped one shot and was still glad I brought it with me.

- APS-c is less expensive, both cams and lenses.

- I do miss FF low light performance. Just can't get away with super mega high ISO with aps-c. I start getting a little nervous above 1600 if I want real clean shots (please no one hijack the thread to argue this point). Beyond that I start thinking about OCF.

- APS-c would not get you quite as shallow Dof. So if obliterated BG's in all your shots is important than consider sticking with FF and big ling. lenses. That  said, I use mainly 1.4-1.8 lenses and get plenty of subject separation and creamy bokeh with my current set up.

- Re the Sigma 16/1.4. I had one for a year or so. It was nice. Colors didn't blow me away but that's subjective. What I will say (and I hope your still reading cause this is something you should seriously think about) is that the siggy 16/1.4 is not small. I was the largest lens I have used with my current set far. Honestly, I've left it behind many times in favor of bringing 12 and 24mm primes. Sold it.

For myself, I'm pretty happy with APS-c. Prolly won't go back to FF unless the A7c line ends up with a really nice option along with some really small fast primes (the latter is is crucial). I would really like to have bought the a6600 for the IBIS. If I could do it again I'd go that route.

Hope this helps.

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