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New Day Rising wrote:

JahnG wrote:

PS, as you are an Australian (?), do you know if there are left any strong AM broadcasting transmitters in Australia, sending standard AM (no DRM or digital mode). It might be interesting to try to "catch" such broad casts here in Europe.

I am Australian and can (at least partly) help with the last bit. There are many active AM stations here. This is a list of current stations: https://www.radioheritage.net/AusG-Full.asp?band=AM&lorder=F

I have no idea which are strong though. Someone else will need to come in on that. This might help... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Australian_AM_radio_stations

This brings back Ancient Memories from the 1960s to 1970s when I used to listen to shortwave radio on the Family which covered all of the short Wave bands as well as standard broadcast. Aside from standard shortwave services such as BBC, Radio Moscow, American Armed Forces Radio, Voice of America, Radio free Europe, HCJB Quito Ecuador etc, one of my favourite radio stations was VLC 11 in Australia. In those ancient days we were at the mercy of sunspots time of year and time of day. In those days radio Australia broadcasted on three or four different International broadcast bands in short wave.

All of this was on standard am broadcasting technology with a small number of experimental single Side Band broadcasters.

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