Sigma MC-11 with aps-c lenses?

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Re: Sigma MC-11 with aps-c lenses?

Merlin5 wrote:

I just read a comment under a youtube video that said aps-c lenses don't work with this adapter and someone replied "there's a hack where you remove the inner collar (4 screws) and all aps-c lenses fit."

If I wanted to buy a Tamron aps-c lens with Canon EF fit to go onto a Sony E mount, just wondering if I'd have to do that hack or if it's not true and that they are actually compatible?

I will cautiously say that the Tamron APS-C lens will probably fit without the hack. Not sure that it would have all functionality, though. Both functionality and fit are, after all, cross brand. Sigma has no obligation to make sure a competitor's products work well with its adapter.

As far as I am aware, though, the fit issue only involves Canon-brand EF-S APS-C lenses. Canon designed these lenses with a slightly different mount to insure that they could only be mounted on its APS-C cameras. That in turn gave them more optical design freedom, because they could have a rear element that protruded further into the camera body, which was possible because on APS-C DSLRs, the reflex mirror is smaller.

Sigma has a compatibility list on its site for Sigma lenses on the MC-11 adapter. Though I think all Sigma lenses fit, IIRC, not all provide equally-good (or even acceptable) functionality. So if that's the case even with their own lenses, I would say there's no guarranty of functionality with another brand.

Your best bet for Sigma MC-11 adaptability would be a Sigma APS-C lens listed as providing good performance in their compatibility table. No unpleasant surprises then.

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