Will there be long waits for the s5?

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The FF dslr market seems to have tanked

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My Amazon order is showing a release date of Oct 19 now.... Order was placed about a week ago. I don't know what to do since I filled out the rebate for the Sigma lens and the extra 3 years of warranty coverage. If I cancel and order at a different vendor, do those get canceled out on their own or would I have to contact Panasonic?

My experience with Amazon is that they cancel the orders easily right away once you request cancellation.

Just cancel your order if you wish. you are getting a Sigma lens free which is pretty good, but on the other hand you have to wait a month.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, Amazon has usually been very quick with past cancellations. The issue I'm worried about is the free lens and warranty that I signed up for. I'm not sure if I should contact Panasonic regarding that information since the order would be canceled. Would they know the order was canceled before sending out the lens to me (if they were to)?

“Move over please sir, as there is a queue forming behind you ....”

I doubt if Panasonic has anything to do directly with a private order.  Amazon (or whomever) buys directly from Panasonic. The retailer sells whatever stock they buy to the end user. There is no direct connection between end user and manufacturer.

Supply is just a factor of logistics.

Manufacturer guesses sale levels then makes pre-built stock to initial demand and then trims the production output to the evolving demand.

Outlets pre-order stock to what they consider their demand to be - accuracy varies world wide.

Guess too high and the Manufacturer ends up with unsold stock in warehouses .... guess too low (safer) and the additional feeding frenzy of early adopters will pass due to delays in supply.  Oh course generally speaking the dealer outlet has to sell what they buy - but large vendors may manage sell or return deals - especially with a new product.

Whether there is good supply or delays is more to do with the manufacturers sensitivity to risk as much as how well they have judged demand.

If the R5/6 is in short supply then it might explain just why there seems to be a fire sale on for brand new 5Ds, 5Dsr and 5DIV camera bodies at the moment.  The FF dslr market has obviously tanked.

The dslr may well be dead and buried and the scramble is truly on for the hearts and minds of the new FF ML camera market.

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