Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

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Re: Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

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Best for each one of us to test this out, see what fits best. Many have, and recommend a 1.

Your recommendation of having it set to only 1 all the time is not exactly correct. It all depends on the situation.

In general / default, 1 (or 2) is better than 3 or higher. Increase the number if foreground obstructions are expected, which is exactly what it was intended for.

Again: not just foreground, but also background. For example, if you have tight framing on an erratic subject and your subject will leave the frame entirely for a split-second, setting this too low can tell the camera to refocus on the background (during the period the subject is temporarily out of frame), where the AF will stay from that point onward.

The AF will not stay (in the background) from that point forward, only until you manage to aim the AF back onto the subject, at which point it will re-focus back on the subject immediately. This case is exactly why I don't use it - because at 3 or higher it WILL stay in the background (honoring the delay of the setting) and not refocus on my subject in real time.

Now, you can argue that well, it would've stuck to the subject to start off with, and yes you are correct; however this depends on the AF point being over the subject most of the time, or at least within the delay time of the setting - once over that it will acquire on the background and now the situation is reversed, and the setting is working against you by sticking to the background with the delay. There is a balance and a cross-over point here where one setting or the other is best, and this will vary with each user and situation (subject).

This is exactly why in one of my comments above I mention a setting higher than 1 may benefit those with unrefined tracking skills or a difficult subject. Because if I can't track the darn thing - meaning the AF point is not over the subject most of the time, but rather over the background - then it will stick to the background and never refocus on the subject. If I barely go off subject than a 2-3 can work good, but me personally I still rather keep it at 1 knowing most will be keepers (all the ones where I am over my subject), because it's easier to just keep AF-ON pressed and keep shooting, instead of worrying about AF-ON presses to re-acquire as needed, if all of a sudden it starts sticking to the background. If I have a subject that is hard to track, then I might try a higher setting, but even here it completely depends on initial focus acquisition to begin with, and you know this. A really good situation for this setting to be used at a higher number would be tracking a bird taking off, where you know you can acquire initial focus while it's sitting, then sticking to it with the delay during and after take off, against background / foreground.

I never said a 1 was best all the time either (just a better default setting than 3), I said it depends on the situation - yes I focused on foreground obstructions, so glad you mentioned tracking / off subject into backgrounds.

And again: it depends on the situation. I don't know why you keep saying it should only ever be set to 1 and that you think Nikon should have removed this setting entirely from the menus. Why do you keep saying that? Why do you keep insisting that this setting influences the speed of initial AF acquisition?

I never mentioned initial acquisition. The issue for me has always been re-acquiring a subject after it locks on something else, which drives me nuts. I simply rather refine my tracking skills and take my chances in real time in most situations (no one size hat fits all).

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