Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

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Re: Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

beatboxa wrote:

SaltyPeanut wrote:

beatboxa wrote:

One disappointing note is at 7:30, regarding the Z6's setting a3.

  • "Choose 1 for quick, to make sure the camera tracks autofocus as fast as possible."

NOOO! The camera will always track as fast as possible. There is no point to the camera tracking slower than it can.

This setting actually tells the camera what to do when it loses the subject it is tracking (for example, as you are panning, a tree shows up between you and the subject. That's why it says "blocked shot AF response" and not "AF tracking speed."

Bingo, which is why your recommendation of having it set to 3 or higher all the time is not exactly correct. It all depends on the situation.

"[My] recommendation of having it set to 3 or higher all the time?"

Where did I write that?

It's your recommendation pretty much every time someone recommends 1 instead.

Setting 1 tells the camera to immediately forget the subject and refocus on something new (like the tree).

This setting doesn't tell the camera what to focus on. Nothing to do with subject selection.

Read what I wrote again.

I didn't say it tells the camera what to focus on. I said it tells the camera to pick a new subject.

It does not tell the camera to "pick a new subject". The subject is whatever is under the AF point (in auto AF the camera chooses the subject for you). This feature's intended purpose is for subjects that go through foreground obstructions, not for it to be on a high setting for all situations. If your tracking skills / steady hands are less than adequate, a 2-3 may help, otherwise 1 (or 2) would be best if you can keep up with your subject in a stable manner (or within IBIS) and are not expecting foreground obstructions. Best for each one of us to test this out, see what fits best. Many have, and recommend a 1.

This was the same experience for me with a nikon dslr, only there we had a choice of 0 (zero). I've always wondered why nikon only did a 1 as the lowest on the Z's. Seems some delay is always active, though 1 is very responsive in real time - sometimes on the f mount a 0 would make certain lenses jump around too much on my old dslr (AF motors would go crazy) so I would go between 0-1-2 depending on the lens, so no big loss here far as I can tell.

I've long suspected the default or higher settings to be part of the reason behind less than stellar AF reviews on the Z's. Once fully optimized, the AF on the Z is more than comparable to other equivalent systems in most situations ("equivalent" is the key word here, it's not a D5 or a9, so don't expect that kind of performance for fast action).

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