a7r3 video settings for capturing daughter's Zoom-mitzvah? Indoors, fluorescent lighting

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a7r3 video settings for capturing daughter's Zoom-mitzvah? Indoors, fluorescent lighting


Hoping for some guidance on video settings for my daughter's upcoming virtual Bat Mitzvah.

Going to broadcast over Zoom and have already worked out how to feed the video feed via an Elgato CamLink 4k. The Zoom app seems to cap frame rate at 30fps regardless of what I throw at it.

Was thinking it would be nice to record the video from my camera at the same time as I stream it - but if that is dumb please let me know.

1. File Format - looks like I need to use either XAVC S HD or AVCHD in order to keep autofocus during video. Tried this the other night using XAVC S HD 60p 50Mbps. Is this the optimal setting for video of minimal movement (daughter up on a 'stage' reading)?
Also what would you use for shutter speed based on choice of record setting taking into consideration fluorescent lighting for an evening service in the temple?

2. The camera will output to the Elgato CamLink 4k via a microHDMI to HDMI cable and then to the MacBook Pro. It looks like I can record to an SD card at the same time - any reason not to do this for cleaner and better video than what I will get from the Zoom recording?

As for the current setup:
MacBook Pro is the 'hub'
Sony a7rIII (likely with Tamron 70-180 at 2.8) output via microHDMI to full HDMI connected to Elgato CamLink 4k with a USB-A to USB-C adapter to connect to MacBook Pro
Anker 8 in 1 USB C hub will pull in power and output to the MacBook Pro And Sony a7rIII via USB-C. Also outputs HDMI to a projector to show the Zoom audience in the back of the temple
Audio In via 50' 3.5mm cable from the temple's audio system to the MacBook Pro
Audio Out via HDMI from the Anker to a Projector and then to Speakers for audience participation

Figured out a second view can be run off a solitary iPhone on tripod acting as a Zoom participant with the Zoom coordinator then sharing that video 'screen' to rest.

Thanks in advance!

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