***Mini Challenge #644: Walking***

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***Mini Challenge #644: Walking***

Walking: moving at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at the same time. Lets see some photos of a person, people, or animals walking by seeing what is perceived as movement, no standing, no running please. Anything goes.

This challenge will close at 6 pm, Pacific Time on Sunday, September 27, 2020

Examples will follow.

Challenge Rules:

The host gives you a topic and you post up to three images that fit. Remember, it's all about fun, sharing, and learning. Any picture you have taken in person is eligible, regardless of time taken, camera or post-processing used. The host chooses the winners and honorable mentions and posts those in a new thread. The host's decision is final. The winner of this challenge then hosts the next challenge, judges the winner of that one, and so on it goes. The winner of this challenge will have 48 hours to post the next challenge. If that doesn't happen, 2nd place will have 24 hours to do so, then it's up to 3rd place.

Submission Posting Guidelines:

Post each one of your three submissions in its own reply to this post. Give each post a unique Subject, please. It is best to embed an image in its post rather than linking to somewhere else. Feel free to post photos "for exhibition only" if you want to share more than three, or won't be available to host the next challenge. Try to preserve the EXIF please, so we can see which camera, lens, and settings were used.

Comment Posting Guidelines:

Feel free to post comments on the images or ask for comments. Don't hesitate to click on the green "Like" thumb on the top right of the post, so we know which images were most popular. Likes are appreciated as much as constructive criticism is.

The host can make up his or her own mind without being influenced by that.

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