Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

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Re: Z50 and Z6 BIF review at Mirrorless Comparisons

Droster wrote:

Give Mathieu some clicks and likes. It's up to us to support these YouTubers.

One disappointing note is at 7:30, regarding the Z6's setting a3.

  • "Choose 1 for quick, to make sure the camera tracks autofocus as fast as possible."

NOOO!  The camera will always track as fast as possible. There is no point to the camera tracking slower than it can.

This setting actually tells the camera what to do when it loses the subject it is tracking (for example, as you are panning, a tree shows up between you and the subject.  That's why it says "blocked shot AF response" and not "AF tracking speed."

Setting 1 tells the camera to immediately forget the subject and refocus on something new (like the tree).

Setting 5 tells the camera to wait a second or two to see if the original subject comes back into the frame (or gets unblocked) before deciding to pick a new subject.

See my deeper explanation here:

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