Question About Two HDs Both With An OS

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Re: Question About Two HDs Both With An OS

Austinian wrote:

blink667 wrote:

I have two drives both with W7 installed and would like to be able to pick a drive to boot into at start up but don't want to have to go into the bios to change to boot sequence to pick the drive. Is there another more convenient way of doing this? Thanks for any help.

If these are SATA drives in a desktop, you can use a SATA power switch. I wired up my own, but nowadays you can buy one:

Just turn on the power switch for the SATA drive you want to boot from, and switch off the one you don't before you power up the PC. I do this routinely for a PC with three boot drives. Neither drive will be able to see the other, so they can't affect each other in any way.


I set mine up just the same way, for the same reasons (and like you, I made my own switches).  

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