Fascinating Interview with a Fuji Executive

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Fascinating Interview with a Fuji Executive

Here is the amazing September 2020 interview that I referred to in a couple of threads recently. It is very interesting when Fuji executives give out tidbits of information, which they so rarely do, and this is a treasure trove of info if you ask me.

I'm a Fuji-watcher and I can tell you that this interview is full of nuggets that are interesting to Fuji-watchers.

I'm not sure this was posted on this Fuji X Forum. Maybe it was. I apologize if it was but I can't find it.

It is very interesting how he talks about Fuji production and supply chains not be interrupted much because of Covid. It is interesting how he talks about Fuji's direct avoidance of entering the FF market as a long-term strategy but how Fuji targets the FF market from both directions - X and GFX.

Also some very interesting stuff about IBIS that was not known on the MF Board previously.

Lots of good info on XT-4 demand and how to interpret Fuji's financial statements and details about their disclose of profits in the various business sectors.

Just a fascinating interview and I was very surprised that a Fuji Exec said all of this.

He thinks CIPA numbers are off for the mirrorless and high-end segment of the market - too pessimistic.

Also very interesting to hear Fuji talk about the MF dimensionality and "MF Look".

Here it is:


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