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Re: Upcoming Z 14-24mm ?

bclaff wrote:

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bclaff wrote:

Dibyendu Majumdar wrote:

Hard to say without a published lens construction diagram. We shall see.

Although I'm writing and revising articles for my site and should not have gotten distracted I entered the patent speculatively; hopefully I have made wise use of my time.

Here's a link to Example 1

You can manipulate the URL to get to the other 9 Examples.

So looks like this might be the right patent. Examples on pg 15 and 17 appear closest match.

Yes, those are the closest but for my purposes not a match.
I think example 9 is the closest.

Well up to you.

Here is some relevant text from Leica SL summicron patent I recently posted in another thread:

With regard to the solution features specified in the claims it should be noted that in modern optical design use is usually made of automatic correction programs, such as e.g. “Code V” from Optical Research Associates, which are able to calculate, from predefined lens-element sequences and refractive power distributions, proposals for functional lens systems having a correction state optimized for a specific task. On the basis of targeted alterations of the specified parameters by the optical designer, the correction state automatically achieved is improved further in each case.

With the features of claim 1, it is possible in this way already to obtain the design data for radii, lens-element thicknesses, distances between lens elements, refractive indices and Abbe numbers of the optical glasses to be used. When the features specified in the dependent claims are taken into account, the design parameters can be progressively improved in a targeted manner.

So once you have the glass types and element sequence the actual formula can be permuted by software. I would guess many variations are possible by setting different optimization goals.

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