A7RM4 Tracking Flexible Spot Size

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Re: A7RM4 Tracking Flexible Spot Size

Photo Pete wrote:

Just playing with my A7RM4 and noticed that the size of the green tracking box in the viewfinder is different at 24mm and 105mm with my Sony 24-105 when using tracking with any of the variations of flexible spot (small, medium, large and expand).

When focus is confirmed and tracking is initiated at 105mm the tracking box is larger than when at 24mm.

Can anyone verify that this is normal behaviour and perhaps explain why the camera does this. Is it perhaps a clever focus system feature that assumes the objects being tracked will be smaller in the frame at wide angle settings, so it makes the tracking box area smaller... or is it just some strange glitch?

This is really very strange behaviour. If I shoot at 24mm the green tracking box is about 1.5x to 2x smaller than if I shoot at 105mm, even if I move closer to the subject to frame it the same in the viewfinder. Anyone else experiencing this?

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