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PhotoKaz wrote:

MTF curves of Nikon's full frame ultra-wide zooms. I swapped out my f-mount 14-24 when the new 14-30 was released as the size, image quality, and ability to use filters made it a far better choice for the Z7. I'll have to check some real world reviews to see how much difference, in practice, there is between the two Z mount lenses but simply based on the MTF there may not be a huge difference between the two. The stop of light isn't a selling point to me personally.

Those Z mount curves look pretty good by comparison. Seems like every new lens Nikon makes for this mount is an improvement over the older F mount lens it replaces. I’m curious how much of this is the freedom of the Z mount itself and how much is newer design and technologies.

In this comparison, the Z lenses are also substantially smaller and lighter,567.110,795.812,567.325,ha,t

The 14-30mm is a retractable design though, extended its pretty much the same length as the 16-35mm. The difference to me seems to be that Nikon is able to release 14mm lenses without resorting to bulb front elements, maybe that's down to the mount or maybe advancements in lens design?

I'd say the biggest issue is likely the Z lenses are much newer and more expensive, the F-mount lenses are both over a decade old and cost a lot less.

I would say performance wise the 16-35mm is good at landscape distances BUT needs both stopping down and keeping to a 16-30mm range. In that range the only significant weakness for me is in the extreme corners at 16mm.

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