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The Goodbye thread (type)

Goodbye threads tend to become contentious as by their very use of the word “goodbye” they indicate that the OP has found something inadequate with their M4/3 gear.

Add “short lived love affair” and it becomes an issue if the OP has even made a wise personal choice in even buying into M4/3 in the first place.

Some flit from one camera system to another simply looking for something that is not there.

If someone needs to go to another mount format then please “just go” and no need to leave a farewell postcard to insult those remaining as somehow lacking because they have not also seen the light.

I have locked this thread as very active threads of this nature are hard to moderate without displeasing someone.

I hate to censor reasonable discussion but these sorts of “goodbye” threads are like to get completely deleted in the future no matter how many posts have been made - so there is not much point it responding to them.

There are many reasons to compare one camera system with another, but waving goodbye once you have bought the ticket is not one of them.

Such goodbyes are just flame bait.

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