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Re: Blame rest with Brazilian Gov. (Insane) manufacturing requirement to sell electronic

rhlpetrus wrote:

007peter wrote:

The blame rest entirely with the Brazilian Government. Brazil has an INSANE local manufacturing requirements on foreign companies to sell electronic. That means foreign companies must setup expensive local factories just to sell a $100 USD phone. This WAS feasible when HDTV was popular & expensive. But the HDTV price has fallen through the floor, It no longer makes sense to keep a factory open with hundreds if worker making cheap electronic that no longer sells.

Sony join a long list of Japanese, Chinese, Korean companies pulling out of Brazil.

With less competitors, less consumer choices, price of goods will always increase. Its simple economic that Brazilian politician fail to understand. While I applaud the intention of manufacturing requirements to keep the locals employed (but) reality often falls short of theoretical. Like they said, the road to hell đŸ˜ˆ is paved with the good đŸ˜‡intention.

Basically correct, but not a quick short story. It all started with automakers, just few, building plants here in the 1950’s with a promuse of a closed market. VW, Ford, GM, basically. Then FIAT sqeezed in in the 1970s. Even today, a small group tries to keep the market for themselves, obstructing any attempt for opening the economy. Electronics followed, including computers, etc.

The current pres started promising a change, forget it (besides, he and his family border on the lunatic, following the extreme right in the US, re climate change, vaccines, Covid, etc).

Sorry to hear that. I still have tickets to visit Brazil in Nov and Dec. Im afraid it wont happen as the flights arent even happening at present. Not just sorry i cant visit but for the popke of Brazil given what is happening.  I lived in the Andes of Venezuela for almost a decade before that government was destroyed causing much hardship.

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