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For me, MFT is the true pocketable option with a zoom lens, while a rangefinder Nikon Z DX would be a greater compromise to something larger or a Sony APS-C camera if Sony improves its old not and so good 16-50 kit lens.

Quit reading from this point.

The MFT is limited with it's "pocketable" lens. Put some good lens on it and here we are - no difference.



Yes, I know 100-400 on MTF give you different equivalent FOV. But A7Rx you can crop from 42-60mpx and there you have it - 800mm equivalent.

Back to the topic - I'd like to have small decent zoom like 60-150 even a dark one. But I don't this Sony is going to release something like that in the nearest future.

Yeah, small teles (be they primes or zooms) are still the one highlight of M4/3 gear for me... My Oly 75/1.8 is still an order of magnitude smaller than any FF 135mm w/AF, even an f2.8, ditto my Pana 35-100. I'd like to see something like the Tamron 70-180 but slower and smaller, seems like anything slower is xx-300 or longer and if not then it's internal zoom and larger. It's kinda odd that the smallest FF teles end up being the xx-200 superzooms.

That depends. If you are ok with a zoom lens having a f/5.6-10 maximum aperture at one end and f/5.6-13.4 at the other end (FF equivalents). For me those values are too limiting for daily usage. On a FF you can get an not so much expensive kit lens reaching f/3.5-6.3 across the whole available focal lengths, without having a large penalty on size and weight. If lens makes also would want to close that debate with MFT could have released much slower, smaller and lighter FF lenses. For having a similar price something like that could have done on APS-C cameras.

Your Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens must is more near an 150mm f/4 than a 135mm f/2.8 FF lens. There is no similar modern FF lens to compare with and that is the real issue. If that aperture range is enough for you then that it is ok. Still this lens is slightly larger than the collapsible zoom lens offered with Sony A7C.

Actually on primes and collapsable zoom lenses you can see some more usage on MFT system. Primes can be around f/2.8-3.6 FF equivalent range that can be a lot more useful while the camera and lens can be around as small or smaller than a FF with a pancake lens. I have the Panasonic 12-32 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (24-64mm f/7-11 FF equivalent) on a Panasonic GX80 camera and this combo can fit into a large pocket. An APS-C camera could be near to do that , but still even their most collapsable zoom lenses are not small enough and the selection of pancake lenses are even smaller than on MFT. A FF camera is not even near to that.

If I can have something in a bag and not a pocket, even for me a FF DSLR is what I use. I can see for some wanting to have the same results with a smaller FF ML body. Still with large lenses the difference become really small, if not an issue.

E mount has already got plenty of small lens options from UWA thru 75mm, and relatively small but high quality super zooms and UWA zooms, there's not much of a size advantage for smaller formats in those instances. Longer teles are another story tho...

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