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JahnG wrote:

David1961 wrote:

JahnG wrote:

David1961 wrote:

Thank you for your opinion

Given the number of entries that had been previously submitted it is very possible other members interpreted the unclear instruction in different ways.

Thank you for your comments.

My comments were a continuation to the views of Peter Del, and placed after his text, which I found very much on the spot.

The obvious question is "So what?", especially since you chose to include my post in your post when you had the option to remove it.

The obvious answer is that doing that didn't come to my mind, as I normally try not to censor or cherry pick comments I answer upon.

Posts in public forums like this are not one-on-one. That is what PM's are for

Nobody prevents you from answering on comments that aren't seemingly directed to you. In the same way I'm completely free to point out that.

Just as I did

Anyone on the planet with access to the www can potentially reply to a post.

As far as I understand you also need to be a registered member on DPR?

It goes without saying that anyone on the planet with access to the www can potentially register on DPR.

But once more, as the matter is raised, I find it quite peculiar that entrants necessarily wish to dispute clearly stated wishes of a host, somewhat like lawyers searching for loopholes in laws?

Just looking in an up to date "Oxford Dictionary", for the word wish = "to want something to happen". Isn't that word strong enough for challenge entrants.

Yes, yes I realize that DPR members have the juridical right to try to circumvent the wishes of a host, that need not be repeated.


So far, no-one has posted any established facts explaining why some members chose to submit photos that were submitted in previous challenges and why the host chose to not disqualify them.

All everyone has posted is their opinions and that is all that can be done unless the host or members choose to explain why they did what they did

For me, the wording of the "rule" is open to interpretation and I suspect some members might have interpreted it the same way as me, as I described earlier.

You are naturally completely free to enter anything you wish into any challenge. Only the Host (or Admins) might possibly DQ you. However, the morality of trying to circumvent the wishes of a host is in my view the main question.

No-one has said anyone tried to circumvent the host's wishes in the challenge.

It is very possible at least some members submitted photos from previous challenges because they too found the "rule" ambiguous and so open to interpretation.

The fact the photos were not disqualified suggests that maybe the host intended the "rule" to be a guideline.

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