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cyberpi1 wrote:

morinor wrote:

For me, MFT is the true pocketable option with a zoom lens, while a rangefinder Nikon Z DX would be a greater compromise to something larger or a Sony APS-C camera if Sony improves its old not and so good 16-50 kit lens.

Quit reading from this point.

The MFT is limited with it's "pocketable" lens. Put some good lens on it and here we are - no difference.



You answer with the wrong view of MFT system. MFT is better in regards that you can make the camera body and lens smaller in order to be as pocketable as it can.

When you do not consider pocketability, then MFT stops have any meaning at all as camera body can be slightly bigger and be FF. Then you need to just find an equivalent lens that we have seen means similar size. Also if you consider the cost there are similar APS-C cameras available at the same price point, giving more flexibility while remaining at similar sizes which differences are at level of mm.

Yes, I know 100-400 on MTF give you different equivalent FOV. But A7Rx you can crop from 42-60mpx and there you have it - 800mm equivalent.

If you think that you need to crop always then you have the wrong camera.

Of course you can have both worlds with a 42-60 MP camera. Maybe an APS-C zoom telephoto lens can save you some money also. The rest of your gear can be the usual FF lenses varying from large to small enough.

Back to the topic - I'd like to have small decent zoom like 60-150 even a dark one. But I don't this Sony is going to release something like that in the nearest future.

Actually there could be more designs of FF zoom lenses that could be equivalent with that of MFT. There are recently some FF zoom lenses having even around f/7.1 that a MFT lens would need to be around f/3.5-4. Then MFT cameras will have no meaning as the zoom lens is still large enough to not consider pocketability and the EVF hump is not the issue in this equotation.

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