iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

KiwiTux wrote:

Ok, thanks for all of that info Andy-- very helpful. I've got my entire photos library uploaded to iCloud now (yay for NZ's 1Gb/s fibre broadband), and I'm going to run this in parallel for a few weeks with my LR Classic workflow. (I need to untangle my mess with the LR libraries anyways).

Perhaps the cancel penalty could be a blessing for me here, I would have cancelled by now if it wasn’t for that, but I do at least keep an alternative fallback system running, in case things go belly up with the Photos/iCloud setup. Although I would like to try and save that £10/mth if possible.

With RawPower 3.0 the workflow is a lot closer to being seamless, and I'm very happy with the adjustment options and RAW performance so far. I'm amazed at what Nik has pulled off. I also remember a question I submitted to their support a while back, and got a personal replies from Nik himself. I like to support things like this.

He is good isn’t he, there’s a few small developers that offer excellent support.

' But there's still niggles that are pretty hacky. Having to confirm saving each edit in a popup for each and every image definitely gets old. You can't do some hierarchical organisation in RawPhotos (like moving top level folders around) due to a "bug" with Photos, so there's some things you need to have both windows open. No keyword support stinks (although I do find I'm using them less with the AI-generated ones, as you mentioned).

The ‘Modify’ button is a Photos limitation, all other apps that write back to Photos also have the same dialogue (I also have Pixelmator Photo, and that does this as well).

And the fact that there's no lens correction (or CA correction, etc) without a destructive round trip to an external editor from Photos, only to then open a rasterised (corrected) image in RawPhotos. Since I have PS, I can round trip from photos and save as a layered PSD and have a little bit of a non-destructive workflow, but that means I've got some images with a PS workflow, some with a Raw Power workflow, and others (like iPhone snaps perhaps) that have a Photos workflow.

CA is available in Raw Power, it’s the last adjuster tool in the list, and although it’s not full lens correction, it does have a perspective adjuster, so I find I can edit most of my images without needing anything else.

I think the Apple Raw engine applies manufacturers default lens adjustments before the image opens.

I'm going to give it a fair shot, anyhow. Maybe it's not as bad as it sounds. Or maybe I just need to dive in head first and get an iPad Pro like you.

Well, I have been umming and arring for a couple of years before making the jump. The development of the iPadOS over the last year has made the biggest difference though.

So far I’m not regretting the decision, although my old iMac is still sitting in a corner for some occasional tasks, and as a server for my movies and music I have saved to local storage.

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