Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

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Re: Sony FE vs Canon RF Vs Nikon Z

Craig Gillette wrote:

Achilleas96 wrote:

a_c_skinner wrote:

Sorry, too gnomic. Meaning swapping cameras will make no real difference to your pictures.

That's true. I don't disagree but i want to know if my system is future proof or will i be forced later to switch due to lack of innovation (because of the smaller mount) or because they cannot push their technology further

No system is future proof. A friend of mine used to tell people working at a restaurant, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." Don't be trapped by the advertising.

Having finally run out of innovation with their current mount and sensor, Sony (or somebody else) will make an incredibly good sensor/mount system that not only "surpasses" their own system but it "obsoletes" the others, too.

So you say that it doesn't matter. I hope that they improve the ergonomics because i love the "inexpensive" third party lenses. They have the algorithms for the af system of the sony. The others might not disclose it

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