7artisans 7.5 mm follow-up

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7artisans 7.5 mm follow-up

Well, after all trouble I had buying the darn lens I wasn't in the mood to play with it when it arrived. But now I've been trying it out a little. Then came hurdle number 2 - hugin.

It was this thread about the use of the Panini projection to straighten up fisheye shots that got me interested in the lens to start with.
But hugin isn't exactly intuitive. I managed to straighten exactly nothing at all.

Today I went to the water tower to make yet another attempt. In front of the computer it struck me that 7.5 mm isn't exactly fisheye on m43. Semi-fisheye maybe. The initial settings for hugin work like this. You enter focal length and the type of lens (rectilinear, fisheye...) and then apply the projection you want to use to straighten the image. I had thought that the lens type should be fullframe fisheye. Somewhere I had seen stereographic suggested, but thought that was for the projection, but what if... Heureca! It worked. Not for every image, but for this one (second image below).

Here are some of my feeble attempts from today.

Not straightened.

For reference - taken @12mm

Straightened in hugin. Lens type: stereographic, projection: Panini general

How it looked before hugin processing.

Just for fun. My ride, not straightened. It seems objects right in front of the lens don't get much distortion.

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