I have a bridge camera, a DSLR, a Raynox 150, a macro lens and some questions, part two

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I have a bridge camera, a DSLR, a Raynox 150, a macro lens and some questions, part two

Part one (here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4512100?page=8#forum-post-64375254 ) maxed out its post count and since I really enjoyed the discussion there and learned a lot, I hope it's okay that I start a new thread as "Part Two"

The last thread ended with BGD300V1 writing:

If you are looking at clipping in the color channels I find that sometimes it helps to make a loose crop before post processing so that parts of the image of no interest don't affect the histogram.

And to that I wanted to say:

Great tip, thanks!

I have some pictures that I haven't edited yet so I should have more than enough material to dive into learning post processing a bit better than I do now.

Took a better look at what options I have today and I mainly have three:

Snapseed on the ipad:

Surprisingly versatile, have a lot of tools, the best screen to edit on, but small screen and no histogram. Also, kind of a chaotic workflow, with uploading pictures from the computer, downloading them on the ipad, editing, upload edit etc

CaptureOne: the one I understand best and that seems easiest for me to get good results with now (probably a connection there), no local edits

Aurora 2018:

Fairly easy to understand also, a lot of settings, but maybe too many, don't quite understand what many of them do. Possible with local edits. Introduces some noise to the pictures at high iso sometimes (might be because I don¨t understand yet what edits increases noise, but I see it more or faster here than in the other programs that I use)

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