Advice please, D80 upgrade

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Re: Advice please, D80 upgrade

Thanks for the response. Really nice post about your upgrade from D80.

I always shoot raw, don't need much speed, or didn't need up to now, so the D80 works well for me in that respect. It was just the noise at higher ISOs, but I believe that's just as I didn't do any pp for noise reduction. I wasn't even aware that can be done in pp. Thought that is one thing you need to get right in the camera.

I tried rawtheraphy a while ago, but looked like a full time job to master it, so got myself LR.

My D80 is in a reasonably good state, I believe, below 20k actuations, so on this basis and your comments, I think I'll stick with it for a while as there is no point spending £300- £400 on a body that will give me slightly better performance for what I do.

I have the 18-55G VR II and wondered if the 16-80 would give me any noticeable improvement in terms of sharpness, or would that be done better in pp too?

I've attached a couple of photos, so you can see my level of photography.

Your photos are really nice.

Thanks again for the reply.

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