Lens dilemma for the r5

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Re: Lens dilemma for the r5

Staale wrote:

My r5 is finally on the way, but I'm getting cold feet regarding the 800mm f11. 6m minimum focusing is going to be a pain.

I see the 100-500 is getting decent reviews but here comes the mental block for it.

In short I'm a camera flousy. I see something shiny and iI want it. But an expensive lens... I want milage out of it

A bit of background. I started out with a Canon 40D and a Sigma 120-300 F2.8. Then I upgraded later to 5D Mark Iii.

When the GH4 came out I jumped ship. But with metabones adapter I could keep using my nice Sigma.. great. I also got a Sony a6300 and a viltrox. Works fine as well.

Back to now... Getting RF lens doesn't seem to fit my flousiness for camera models.. unfortunatly the sigma now only gives me blurry shots, must have dropped it in my sleep

Price wise.. if I can afford the RF 100-500 why not get a second hand Canon 500 F4 II. They seem to be about the same price and the benefit is that I can mount that to any camera.

99% of my pictures are birds and small mammals.. so 2m or further with 500mm as minimum starting point. At least with F4 I can throw on a teleconvertor and still have relatively fast movement.

Any lens suggestions or thought welcomed...

If I had the money I think the Canon 400mm F2.8 III would be my choice.

I have the Sigma 120-300f2.8 just like you. That is lovely lens but six + pounds I have the EF 400mmf2.8 L IS USM (Mk I) and it is twelve + lbs. I have the Sigma 150-600 C that is four + lbs as well as the EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II weighing three + lbs. All are lovey with the weight being a big factor on how and when it can be used. Only the Sigma 150-600 (with 1.4X or 2X TCs) and the EF100-400 (with 1.4X or 2X TCs). All lenses work well with the EOS R and do autofocus with all combinations but the EOS 5DIV does not support the 2X TCs on some of the smaller aperature lenses. I expect the R5 I preordered July 9 will support all lenses and work even better than the EOS R. The EOS R is more accurate focus camera that I have and does so with all these lenses. EF 400mmf2.8 L IS USM (Mk I) was all the money I was willing to sink into a new lens and I bought it used.  The Mk III is lovely, weight much less but still not light.  The 400mmf2.8 MkIis not practical to hand hold and can be used on a tripod with gimbal or a monopod but it is a beast.

I would get the 100-500 and see how it goes before the 400f2.8 unless you are crazy like me.   I am not at all sure a big lens like the 400f2.8 Mk I or Mk II is light enought to be a purchase before the RF100-500mm or the EF 100-400mmMk II (I do not recommend the EF 100-400mmMk I lens.   I hated that lens which had push pull zoom and was not as sharp as the Mk II)    The EF 400f2.8mm is sharp including the Mk I.  The newer models have more coating reducing flare, but flare has not be a major problem for me.

Mobility is a great virture and I use the EF 100-400mm mk II more than any of these other similar zooms. It does 1X and 2X TCs quite nicely.

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