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rurikw wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I am happy if there are camera bodies sold with choices of lcd hinge. There are even signs that Panasonic is not particularly happy with the double catch double tilt lcd on the S1/S1R.

What signs? I haven't tried one so wojld be interested to hear people's opinions. It seems like a decent compromise though I think the one Sony had on some of their SLT cameras were less of a compromise so better? Wonder why they abandoned them. Breakages?

Just something that I read very recently on the dpreview forum - it was either in the Sony A7C test or in a mentioned discussion with some Panasonic engineers.  The import was that someone demonstrating the the double hinged lcd on the S1/S1R was holding the demo camera by the doubly extended lcd and swinging the camera about by it.

The remark was that it had not gone down well with the audience  - for why this was so was not mentioned - there was no comment that it broke in the process. So I am at a loss why such a demonstration of structural strength was “bad news” other than it surely must have looked weird.

I prefer tilt screens and will seek them out by choice. The S1/S1R tilt works just like an ordinary single landscape tilt by default.  Bu has a second catch which allows it to be optionally deployed in one direction portrait mode. Or they can be combined for more unusual angles.

I find that it works well fro me.  I hav not tried swinging the camera and lens by holding on to the lcd.

Then the 5D comes along and could well have had the same lcd hinge type But has a standard side hinge type.

This indicates to me that Panasonic was merely experimenting with the double hinge type.

Now they standardise on the side hinged on the G100 and S5. Sony a solid backer of the tilt lcd who seem to have never faltered in their increasing market share as a tilt lcd-only manufacturer have been lured to putting a side hinged in their new A7C camera body. For why? It is surely not a video mavin - it can only be the new retro fashion for making FT camera bodies look more retro for the dubious supposed advantage of “protecting” the lcd from damage.

Who knows. Camera makers' choices and motives don't always seem very rational. but you do realize that the one axis tilt screen is simply too limited for some of us?

Yes I only ask that Panasonic does not standardise on side hinge alone and leaves some screen hinge choice to keep their market sweet.

Side hingers don’t care but those that prefer tilt see the number of new bodies arrive with side hinge proliferate and choice of camera body styles available contracts to the point where they all start to offer much the same thing to a jaded marketplace.

I believe FF MILC was all tilt until the Canon R. I am happy that there is finally choice though I'd prefer if they all could just go with a solution that would satisfy both of us and vloggers too. Would seem to make both functional and financial sense.

I might again mention a mount on the back of the camera that would optionally accept both tilt and side hinged lcd units.  Surely within the realms of engineering and would allow one camera body shape and user-choice of hinge for their lcd.

Some could buy both and it would make replacement of a broken screen easier.

Both the Panasonic GX8 and the Olympus Pen-F were excellent cameras but failed in the marketplace - in common they were FT camera bodies with side hinged lcd.

Someone has to protest about the increasing number of side hinged lcd cameras being marketed or else the manufacturers will believe they are following market preference by default. If that is all they make then that is what will be sold.

Until recently they seemed to have decided that tilt only is the way to go and everybody else be damned.

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